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NUPLURA® PH, the newest advancement in cattle pneumonia protection in the past decade, is the first-ever Mannheimia (Pasteurella) haemolytica vaccine that delivers an outer membrane protein (OMP) combined with molecularly prepared leukotoxoid. This results in a high level of protection against M. haemolytica that is:

  • Fast. The only M. haemolytica vaccine demonstrated to deliver immunity in as soon as 10 days.1
  • Strong. Consistent levels of pure leukotoxoid in every dose to provide a strong immune response.1
  • Smooth. The unique formulation of NUPLURA PH is gentle on calves, with minimal reactivity post-vaccination as measured by injection site reaction.2
  • Safe. Demonstrated to be safe for calves as young as 28 days.2
  • Convenient. NUPLURA PH can be used along with Vira Shield® or BRD Shield® for comprehensive respiratory disease protection.
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  2. 2Data on file, USDA. Study 09NAHLW8156v.

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